How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Florida?

Most estranged couples want their marriage to end quickly and start afresh.

Unfortunately (for the most part), they will encounter numerous factors that most individuals are unaware of in the beginning. These factors can affect how long it can take to finalize a divorce in Florida.  Mixed feelings, conflicts, and court requirements can create deviations. Moreover, you need to go through specific steps that determine the length of the legal proceedings.

In most cases, a contested divorce can take over 12 months to reach completion. Several factors influence this decision, including the following:

Alimony Disputes 

Family courts equalize financial assets during a divorce in Florida to assist spouses who might need assistance to restart their lives after the split. Spousal support might be a sore subject for many couples if an individual claims their future-ex doesn’t need the money. It might also be a difficult subject if the demands are too high for the person paying for the alimony.

Financial Complications

A couple may have acquired multiple properties, assets, banking accounts in the country and offshore. It may take the parties and the court months first to determine if those are marital or not. Distribution of these assets will take more time. Complications arise when one partner withholds information. They can do this by hiding assets, transferring money to an independent account, and submitting incomplete paperwork.

It can take months to overcome these challenges.

Arguments over Child Custody

Many a time, parents planning to divorce might struggle to agree on child custody arrangements. They may contest the involvement of their ex-to-be or decline child support payments for multiple reasons. Disagreements over time-sharing, visitation rights, and relocation might impede decisions. Due to this, divorce lawyers in Florida might spend extra time on mediation to discuss a mutual agreement for the children’s sake before going to a judge to make those decisions for them.

In a Nutshell

Depending on the circumstances, a divorce in Florida can take from three months to three years to finalize. Uncontested divorces (i.e., when spouses agree on the terms and conditions), on the other hand, take less time. An experienced attorney can take less than three months to handle an uncontested divorce. These timelines are tentative and depend on alimony, child custody, and financial decisions made by both parties.

Therefore, you should consult with a lawyer before filing your case to understand the complexities of your unique situation.

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