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Why Us?

When you face a legal concern that relates to your family, it is a serious matter that you do not want to leave to chance. You have important rights that are worth protecting, and the outcome of your case will directly affect your future, which makes working closely with a dedicated family law attorney from the outset the best path forward. At Costa & Associates, we take great pride in helping our clients throughout the State of Florida obtain favorable resolutions for all their marital and family law matters.


Child Timesharing & Parental Responsibility

Florida law no longer uses the terms child custody or visitation.  Instead, it addresses each parent’s responsibility and decision-making process as it relates to their children, such as Shared or Sole Parental Responsibility or Shared Parental Responsibility with Ultimate Decision making.  Florida law also does not want children visiting a parent, instead the children share time with the parents in a manner that is best for each child.   The standard Florida courts consider is what is in the best interest of the children, over the personal interest or convenience of any parent.


Paternity addresses the important matter of establishing who a child’s father is and the legal implications and parental rights and responsibilities that come with it. Paternity mostly involves a child born out of wedlock but depending on special circumstances it could involve a child born of a married couple.  A legal father is not necessarily the same as a biological father and vice versa. If a child is born to married parents, the law presumes the husband is the father.  If a mother is single, a person named on the child’s birth certificate does not necessarily identify the biological parent and does not establish paternity rights and responsibilities.

Status Quo Orders

Status quo or Standing Orders come into play the moment a family law matter is filed with the court.  The Status Quo Order sets forth certain guidelines and conduct the parties must abide by.  The Status Quo Order focuses on the preservation of marital assets while a divorce is pending, preservation of the stability of the children, if any, directions of a required parenting class when there are children and sets forth the ability to sanction who ever does not abide by the Standing Order. Most Florida Family Law Circuit Courts have Status quo or standing orders.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Many couples think Prenuptial agreements are for celebrities, the wealthy and professionals.  Many couples also believe it indicates distrust or a prediction of a failed marriage. That is not correct.  We recommend every couple enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage.  It will be a sincere and serious exercise of disclosure, trust and agreement between the couple prior to entering into a legal relationship that suddenly entangles them with matters most are not even aware of.  The couples do not know, what they do not know.   Postnuptial agreements are executed during marriage. They are both contracts that address many areas that often help the couple manage dividing property, businesses, marital assets and debts in a manner they feel would be fair and just for them.  The agreements can also help the couple discuss and agree if either would pay support in the form of alimony, and if so for how long and in what amount.


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If you are facing a family law concern, the accomplished Florida family law attorneys at Costa & Associates understand the gravity of the matter and are well-positioned to skillfully advocate for a resolution that upholds your rights and best interests. To schedule your consultation and learn more about what we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 305-827-0100 today.