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Divorce Status Quo Order

When you file for divorce in the state of Florida, the court will issue what is known as a status quo order.  Different judicial circuits have their own unique status quo order.  Generally, it sets up a default for all to follow and is intended to place some structure in the matter from the start.  It often deals with restricting the spouses from unilaterally disposing of marital assets while the divorce is pending. This order is put in place to help protect your financial rights, which will be directly affected by the division of your marital assets, and which makes playing fairly paramount. It most often sets up parameters for the spouses if they are parents. To learn more about protecting your financial rights and your parental responsibilities throughout the divorce process, reach out to an experienced Florida divorce attorney today.

Your Status Quo Order

The status quo order that the court issues in relation to your marital property puts the block on all of the following:

– Disposition of assets
– The incurrence of additional debt
– The destruction of any financial records or documents
– The alteration of any life insurance policies that are in place on either spouse
– Moving or removing the children from the jurisdiction

The court’s intention is to stabilize the situation and to help protect both spouses’ financial rights from the outset and protect the stability of the children.

The Depletion of Marital Assets

If your spouse wants to make things difficult in the context of your divorce, it is well within their capacity to do so. If, for example, your spouse has more involvement with your marital finances and they begin frivolously spending, hiding assets, giving away things of value, or otherwise disappearing your marital assets, it can seriously affect the overall value of your marital property and, therefore, the equitable division of said property. The status quo order is intended to come to the rescue on this matter and to stop your spouse in their tracks or to face repercussions from the court. The order does not, however, guarantee that your spouse will refrain from engaging in financial shenanigans, which makes it important to remain vigilant (with the skilled guidance of your practiced divorce attorney).

Attempting to Keep You out of the Know

An excellent way to get one over on you financially during your divorce is for your spouse to keep you in the dark regarding your marital financials by simply keeping financial information and documents from you, which is also addressed in the status quo order. If your spouse chooses to play dirty, they can make it very difficult for you to obtain a just division of marital property, but the matter is far too critical not to bring your strongest case in focused pursuit of what is rightfully yours.

Make the Call to an Experienced Florida Divorce Attorney Today

When it comes to divorce, the most important factors are your parental and financial rights, and there are status quo orders that address both. Ultimately, your marital finances should be preserved as they are while your divorce is pending, and if your spouse acts outside the parameters set by the status quo order, the formidable Florida divorce attorneys at Costa & Associates are standing by to help. You can learn more by scheduling a free consultation, so please don’t wait to contact or call us at 305-827-0100 today.